Despite rumored tension between YMCMB frontman Lil Wayne and rap mogul Jay Z, a recent interview with MTV cleared all the confusion up. Weezy explained why he mentioned Jay's name in his new song "D'usse", how the song came about, as well as, detailing the immense amount admiration he holds for Jay.

On the popular liquor inspired track, Weezy says this line: "Hov, fuck wit' your boy."  Weezy quickly explained why he publicly gave Jay such a big shout out.

"Hov is the God," said Lil Wayne to MTV on the set of his "Krazy" video in LA this week. "I’ll give Hov a big shout out at all times."

If you were wondering how the song even came was actually pretty simple. Sipping on Jay Z's endorsed cognac was all it took to spark an idea for a song. Inspiration seems to come in the simplest places for Weezy.

“But we was just on that D’usse heavy. I don’t write none of my music. What I mean by that is I don’t write it down, so I just go in there and say whatever come to my mind. So what came to my mind that night, was what was on my mind that night,” he added, laughing.