XXL Freshmen alum Lil Twist was arrested last July for speeding in Justin Bieber's chromed out Fisker Karma and busted for driving under the influence of weed. Yesterday, Twist beat the DUI charge when the D.A. declared that the YMCMB rapper wasn't stoned enough to be found guilty.

According to a TMZ report, Twist, who admitted to smoking before hopping behind the wheel, was able to get off because cops waited too long to take a blood sample. By the time the results came back, the amount of weed in his system was not high enough to indicate impairment. Along with the blood test, the D.A. also stated that his field sobriety results were only "moderately bad" and the senior criminologist couldn't argue on the stand that he was impaired to drive.

In the end, Lil Twist walked away with three tickets. One for speeding, one for failing to stop at a red light, and one for possession of less than one ounce.