XXL 2014 Freshman Lil Durk has one less issue on his hands after recently deading his beef with Game. But the truce was only able to take place because cooler heads prevailed during a tense situation. Durk was recently interviewed L.A. Leakers and gave commentary on the pre-truce footage that surfaced of Durk and Game's crews confronting each other at a club during BET Awards weekend. "The whole club scene was just like a standoff. Like, I'm holding my ground. They like, I'm holding my ground too," said Durk. "Where I'm from we don't run. Especially, us being in another city on the come up. We can't let nobody do that to us, you know."

According to the Chiraq rapper, the beef didn't get squashed until the following day, as Game reported. "The next day, one of the homies named G Weed put me and Game on three-way, and we squashed it from there. It wasn't no, nobody got b-tch-d sh-t. It was just keeping it real," said Durk.

As far as a possibility of working with Chuck in the future, Durk said don't count it out. "Anything can happen," he said.

Durk's new mixtape, Signed By The Streets 2 drops later today. Check out the entire clip, above.

[via LAL]