While every newspaper used LeBron James to blanket their cover, the New York Times decided to go in the opposite direction. After LBJ opted to return back to Cleveland, the New York Times found an alternative way to convey the breaking news.

Instead of providing a huge vibrant LeBron James photo to cover their paper, they modeled their coverage a la the New York Post, when they wrote a meager 55 word piece regarding Kimye's wedding. According to Co.Design, the Times ingeniously followed suite and posted a small blurb highlighting LeBron's return.

“The New York Post covered Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding in very unlikely un-tabloid fashion,” Times Sports Editor Jason Stallman tells Co.Design. “You think they’d go wild, but instead they did a small, brief very mean-spirited and snarky announcement.”

They provided a very a quaint blurb for Bron, which mocked the importance of him returning back home to Cleveland.

“By the end of the day, against all the hype about the Lebron decision, we wanted to go in the totally opposite direction.," said Stallman. "Most publications had big displays about Lebron, with huge photographs and headlines. We wanted the simplest, crudest possible representation of what happened.”

Designer Ben Hoffman toyed around with various layouts, and the team fell in love with the idea of using a clipping of the transaction section against a large white space.