Game caused shock-waves after he unleashed his record "Bigger Than Me" which was supposedly directed at the new Freshmen class. While he vehemently denied that by saying he recorded the track last August, many people wondered how some of the Freshmen would react to some of his lines. Troy Ave simply brushed the track off and labeled Game's record as a bunch of "shenanigans". Another freshman voiced his opinion and isn't really to focused on the diss at at all. Kevin Gates sat down with VladTV to explain why he isn't fazed one bit.

"I heard that [Game dissed the freshman.] But I ain't never hear the song," said Gates.

He elaborated on why he isn't focused on any disses or shots aimed at him, citing that "penitentiary rules" are in effect.

"And then, I ain't gonna lie, where I'm at in the game right now, I'm say penitentiary rules in effect. When you getting off that bus, hitting that facility, they got people on that yard saying anything on that yard to you. But, once you get on that yard, that's when it's game time. So I can't entertain words. You can't defeat me with words whoever you are," said KG.

Kevin Gates is currently prepping for his By Any Means Tour, which is set to kickoff next week.