Iggy Azalea's infectious single, "Fancy," is inescapable. The song pops up with every turn of the radio dial, regardless of station format and according to a report from The Washington Post, that's exactly how radio station brand managers planned it. The Post revealed today that "Fancy" was a beneficiary of Clear Channel's "On The Verge Program."

The program was created to give artists on the verge of a breakthrough more exposure. The process of choosing an artist comes down to Clear Channel brand managers selecting a handful of artists from different genres and presenting them to program directors for a vote on which songs they think will appeal most to their listeners. Once a song is decided on, it is mandatory that each of Clear Channel's 840 stations play the song at least 150 times. "Fancy" was chosen on April 3—just in time for the summer. The rest is history.

The strength of "Fancy" has propelled Iggy to new heights. She performed the song at last night's ESPY Awards and, as of yesterday, will be headlining the LA version of "Made In America."