Game recently revealed to Miss Info that his track “Bigger Than Me” was not aimed at Lil Durk. While at one of he events for the BET Awards this past weekend the rapper made clear that he made the record last August.

"I didn’t say a specific XXL cover, it been 12 that I’ve seen. All I said was ‘your freshman cover had a whole bunch of soft dudes,’ which could have been anyone. But it went perfect cause I had the whole lil ChiRaq joint popping off so I thought about it and my homeboy Stat said ‘you should put out Bigger Than Me cause it makes sense.’ So we did."

It “hip-hop is now mathematics,” what occurred with his song said Game. He is currently working hard on the Blood Money projectBlood Money La Familia set to drop September 16 as well as The Documentary 2 dropping in January. Game’s back in the studio with Dr. Dre for that project as well as Ed Sheeran, with whom he’s doing a collaborative album.

Game told Info that he keeps a s**t list, so folks never know when they may hear shots fired at them.

Check out Game’s full interview with Miss info below.