Sometimes social media can be a disastrous place for rappers. The technology allows artist to communicate with their fans, share behind-the-scene pictures, make huge announcement and preview music. However, with great power comes great responsibility (thanks Uncle Ben). Here are five rappers who totally missed the ball on how to use Instagram.



40 Glocc

40 Glocc posted some controversial pictures on Instagram of Game' ex-woman Tiffney Cambridge, and Game‘s children. The insults were nasty and boastful. He would later say on Twitter that he was hacked.

Lil Reese

Lil Reese caught some flack when he posted a picture on his Instagram page of a child holding a gun. Fans did not like it at all and voiced their displeasures in the comment section.  The caption read  ”Face time lil folks lastnite he upp big Larry bird on me,” the picture was later removed from his page.

Neno Best

The largest gun bust in New York City history happen because of rapper Neno Best Instagraming pictures of himself bragging about selling guns. He posted photos and videos of a tons of guns and a ton of money. Cops busted him and got 254 firearms and 19 indictments.

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy took heat after continently posting pictures of illegal drugs. After posting a series of pictures of weed, alcohol and even codeine, people attacked the rapper accusing him of promoting drug abuse.


Chief Keef

Chief Keef posted a picture of himself getting head on Instagram. Enough Said.