Tis the season for biopics. First there was Aaliyah, then N.W.A. and now Miles Davis.  Don Cheadle plans to tackle the role of the legendary trumpet player in Miles Ahead.

The actor recently throw out a few hints at what people could expect from the soundtrack, which is anticipated to feature more than jazz. Cheadle has been working with Davis’ nephew Vincent Wilburn Jr. and his son Erin Davis to put together this labor of love project he is currently crowdfunding.

He refers to Davis’ music as “social music, the music of its time.” Staying true to that, Cheadle plans to include hip-hop on the soundtrack.

"This soundtrack is also going to be peppered with people from today," said Cheadle. "Keeping in the Miles Davis theme. Who knows who might show up on the soundtrack. Jay Z. DJ Skrillex. Kendrick Lamar. Dr. Dre. Nas. The possibilities are endless."

Miles Ahead has gathered $305,325 of the $325,000 it needs to raise via Indiegoo since it started on June 3rd. To contribute check out the Indiegoo page for Don Cheadle’s Miles Ahead here.