Louis Stewart, an economics teacher at Centennial High School in Compton, took a break from analyzing the behaviors and performances of economies to teach his students about the fundamental practices and success of a fellow Compton native, Dr. Dre.

While some students had the false assumption the only way someone from Compton could be successful was through professional sports, Stewart was eager to teach them otherwise. Stewart pulled out Forbes's infamous list of America's richest celebrities, a list Dr. Dre often frequents, detailing the different steps Dr. Dre took to achieve such accomplishments.

"I want to be like him," said Chris, a student at King Drew Medical Magnet High School. "But I'm going to get my business degree first."

Even Compton Mayor Aja Brown is singing Dre's praises. Viewing Dre as a hometown hero, Brown offered the rapper the rap mogul the keys to the city.

"It's a source of pride for the community that someone could come from such humble beginnings and reach a considerable level of success — and not necessarily for his artistry — but for his business acumen and really being an entrepreneur," Brown said.

While there has been some debate about the negative influence Dr. Dre's music set upon the city, many citizens are using him as a source of inspiration.