Ever since Chuck D aired out his grievances and called Hot 97's Summer Jam a "sloppy fiasco," Chuck and the station's DJ's have been going back and forth on Twitter and over the airwaves. Chuck D sat down with The Combat Jack Show to let the hip-hop community know what exactly has bothered him so much about Hot 97.

“This was something that was simmering a long time ago," explained the Public Enemy frontman. "When we first did the Hot 97 Summer Jam 2009 or whatever, and the host of the show came out and said, 'These are the niggas that brought on the revolution. Give it up for these niggas!'"

“You’re looking at 50,000 people, largely not black – white or whatever," he continued. "They’re out there and the n-word is being spit. You can see and understand the artist in their music. If they ain’t got no better presentation to bring it across—and that’s all they know because they ain’t taught by nobody—but when the host starts doing that, it’s a problem. So this is five years later, and it’s just got worse. And when you see the artist and the host, and it’s 50,000 people, 60% white people, and they’re also yelling the n-word, quite frankly it’s going to be one of those things that I’m going to say was sloppy.”

 Check out the full interview below: