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Childish Major is steadily becoming one of the most sought-after producers in hip-hop. The 23-year-old Atlanta product is best known for Rocko’s woozy single “U.O.E.N.O.”—the menacing track that took over the first half of 2013 with a slew of remixes from Wiz Khalifa, A$AP Rocky and more. Lately, Childish Major has worked closely with many of Atlanta's newcomers and has been back in the studio with Jeezy working on the Snowman's upcoming album Seen It All.

Childish Major and Jeezy first met in 2013 through Don Cannon. After Childish sent some beats to Cannon—who then passed them over to Jeezy—it was a wrap. Songs like “In My Head” and “Talk That” were strong street singles that displayed the duo's potential and creative chemistry. During XXL's exclusive listening of Seen It All earlier this month, Jeezy was excited to reveal he had Childish Major on three records: “Addicted,” “What You Say” and “Quarter Block.”

With Seen It All's release date of Sept. 2 just around the corner, Childish Major hopped on the phone to share details about how each song came together. Prepare for some new heat coming your way soon. —Eric Diep



"What You Say"

Childish Major: I’m pretty sure I made “What You Say” in the studio. I don’t think Jeezy was there at first. I think it was me and Jeezy’s engineer, Tony Rey. I was just kind of going through ideas. Me, him and Matick. He was also there. He sat in on a lot of the sessions. I just wanted to give him a vibe and how things kind of run from the rapper’s perspective. I left the studio and then I came back another day and [Jeezy] had laid something.

I know what people want to hear from Jeezy. I can’t do what everybody else has done for him or what is going to be expected from everybody else. I know for a fact that Jeezy loves horns. He loves that big feel. Everything with Jeezy is epic. He does it big. He always does it big. Even with “Addicted,” the fact that it had horns. It wasn’t as big, epic and orchestrated as what people expect from Jeezy, but it was still horns. That’s pretty much what he likes.


"Quarter Block"

Childish Major: That’s actually me and my cousin. I brought him to the studio and he played guitar on it. There are no samples in that song. He recorded it with us, but beforehand, like I was telling you before. We came in. He wasn’t there. "Addicted” was really the sit-in. He actually got to watch me make the beat and just be completely hands-on. A lot of the other times, he just left me alone. He’s like, “Yo, we got you Blue Moon. Come through and do what you gotta do.”

I know what people expect from Jeezy. First of all, he’s not the same person as he was when he first started. But he still has those same elements. I’m pretty sure a lot of views have changed, but I’m pretty sure there are some views that are still the same. Even when you do change as a person, you still reminisce on how the past was. I’m glad he did Seen It All and the record with Hov. The one that Cardo did? I think that’s great. For him to say that Hov shed tears when he was spitting it? That’s epic as hell.

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