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Ab-Soul praised his girl Yaris Sanchez in a recent interview. The rapper gushed over his lady explaining that she's giving him a whole new view on things.

"I've been dancing around this very beautiful woman named Yaris Sanchez." Ab-Soul told Vibe. "She's a very wise, beautiful, young lady. She's been showing me around New York. I can't catch no cab, but they don't ever pass her up. Ever. It's a beautiful thing. She's Dominican, so that's more culture I'm getting. In LA it's just Mexicans, so this is a new dynamic of Spanish for me. Shout out to the Dalai Mama. We've been tight for a couple years now."

In the interview, Soul also shared his biggest turn-off. "Unconscious ignorance," he said. "If you are aware that you're being ignorant, that's tight. If you're unconscious of being ignorant, it's kind of sad."

Ab-Soul's new album These Days... in in stores now.