Zaytoven helped us solved the mystery behind Gucci Mane dissing Game. It appears the diss stems from a tweet that was sent back in 2012 which Game responded to. The ATL producer is now focused on putting out his new movie Finesse which stars himself, Trinidad Jame$, and Migos.  XXL got Zaytoven on the phone to discuss his upcoming movie and a record he has on Nicki Minaj's new album, The Pink Print. —Emmanuel C.M.

What you working on now?
Zaytoven: Mainly I got a lot of my focus on my new movie called Finesse. I’ve been trying to do movies plus music. It has a lot of your favorite rappers. The main character is just like the last movie.  It’s directed and shot by the same guy who did the last movie. I got a lot of placement too with Usher and Nicki Minaj so of course I’m still working on my music side but I’m really excited about this movie.

Tell me about the movie
Zaytoven: The movie is called Finesse; It’s just gaining something from somebody by not telling someone the whole truth to get what you want out of them. In the music business a lot of times has a big finesse mentality to it. That’s what made me come up with the movie. A lot of janky promoter type stuff, a lot of entertainment companies that’s say you can do this and that and blow you up but cant really do nothing. But they do whatever they got to do to get the money from you. That’s what I based the movie around.

Who’s in the movie?
Zaytoven: I star in it, I got Trinidad James, I got Migos I have DJ Scream, Gorilla Zoe, OJ The Juiceman, Young Ralph. I got a lot of DJs, BMF, Tracey T. I got a lot of folks. I just try to fit them all in somewhere.

Sounds interesting. Describe your character?
Zaytoven: I’m actually a guy that works at this entertainment company calls TJ Enterprises. TJ is my boss man but he end up getting locked up and sent to jail. So for us to continue to make money, I end up taking his company over. I end up taking his position and start to finessing people until he get out of jail and come looking for me. At first I start out as a worker and turn into the boss man and start finessing people for their money.

When you dropping this?
Zaytoven: We looking right around Christmas time

Who’s the director?
 Al Nuke, the guy that directed my last movie Birds of a Feather.

Tell me about this Nicki Minaj track?
Zaytoven: Nicki and I, we worked a long time ago. I used to work real closely with Nicki. She used to come into the house and record. This album she getting back on her rap, lyrical content . The track that I did was actually produced by Metro Boomin and I. We just collaborating and it end up getting to Nicki and the people that’s working with her and it came out to be a banger.

What type of sound?
Zaytoven: It’s that real, its’ almost club trap type music. It fit perfect with her on it.

It just Nicki on it?
Zaytoven: Well you know what, its rumors that it’s a major big feature on it but I don’t want to spill the beans.