Young Jeezy Born 10/12/1977


While everybody was in love with seeing Michael Jackson reappear in Hologram form during the Billboard Awards, some weren't thrilled by the idea behind it. One person in particular happened to be Jeezy. Jeezy spoke on his dislike for the tribute backstage during Hot 107.9 Birthday's Bash.

"You know, I gotta be honest. I didn't like that," said Jeezy. The tribute was made to promote Michael's newest album, Xscape, which fared well on the charts the following week.

Then, Jeezy compared the holograms of 2Pac and Michael Jackson and how different those two were in his eyes. "I mean, you know, it's two different things. Tupac and Michael Jackson are two different people. It didn't make sense. I loved the Tupac Hologram."

As far as Jeezy's music is concerned, he currently has his single, "Me, Ok." out right now.  The record will live on his upcoming album, Seen It All, which hasn't received a release date as of yet.

Watch the full Jeezy interview below.