Wiz Khalifa shared just how Rihanna influenced the making of his 28 Grams mixtape when he stopped by DJ Whoo Kid’s show Whoolywood Shuffle.

The rapper told Whoo Kid the island songstress played a large role in selecting the tape's 28 tracks.

“She was there when I was making it,” said Wiz. It was weird cause I was making like all these different types of songs and was trying to get her on my album at the time so I played her like all this music. And I’m like ‘Which ones do you like?’ And she’s like ‘All the ratchet music.’ And she’s like ‘This is what people wanna hear Wiz. When I hear “We Dem Boyz” that’s the Wiz that I think of.’”

The Pittsburgh MC said he couldn’t do a whole album like that so why not a mixtape. He explained that he put pressure on DJ Drama for 28 Grams release in spite of the DJ’s busy schedule.

“That whole situation was crazy because he was busy as hell when we was putting the tape together,” Wiz said. “I was like ‘Drama you gotta stop everything you’re doing’ and finish my tape and he wasn’t feeling it but he did it for me yo. And I’m forever grateful for that.”

Watch above as Wiz Khalifa talks about his most recent mixtape and weed.