Warren G stopped by DJ Skee's show yesterday to talk about the 20th anniversary of Regulate... G Funk Era, and the West Coast legend spoke about growing up with his older half-brother Dr. Dre, meeting Snoop Dogg, and learning how to produce.

"Dr. Dre, my oldest brother, he paved the way for me and Snoop to get a chance to get into the studio," G said when asked about how he got into production. "I asked him to show me how to work the MPC-60... I was about maybe 17, 18, right around there. So he showed me, and after that I just started picking it up because I wanted to be more involved with what was going on instead of just a DJ up there spinning. I wanted to produce."

Later in the interview, Skee asked Warren about the time period when Dre's career really started taking off with N.W.A, and Warren shared a story of his time in junior high school. "I would sneak [Dre's] jacket and wear it to school, it had the World Class Wrecking Cru on it," he said. "I was just really happy for him, and looked up to him as a kid. I still look up to him."

Check out the full interview above.