Not only is Clint Dempsey repping for the United States in a big way during the 2014 World Cup, he is also a huge UGK fan. During an interview conducted by Revolt TV's Sama'an Ashrawi for his documentary The All-Star Tribute To UGK, Dempsey kicks things off by saying, "I'm Clint Dempsey, Captain of the U.S. Men's National Team. UGK for life."

From there, the soccer star goes on to profess his love for UGK's album, Ridn' Dirty and his favorite tracks from the album, going as far as reciting Bun B's verse from "Hi Life" verbatim. Dempsey also gives a heartfelt reasoning for loving the standout UGK song, "One Day." "'One Day' is another one I can identify with because I lost my sister at a young age," explains Dempsey. "She was 16 when I was 12. After she passed away going back and listening to that CD, you can connect with it a little bit more and it has more meaning to you."

Dempsey, who hails from Nacogdoches, Texas, scored a goal last night during the United States' victory over Ghana in the World Cup and is looking to lead the U.S. to the elimination round.