T.I. is not having it under any circumstances. The campaign for T.I.'s new album Paperwork is under way and he is moving around accordingly but even though he's in the midst of dropping his new single "No Mediocre" , that doesn't mean he's not paying attention. After trading barbs with Azealia Banks through social media, Tip is letting the world know that he has a low tolerance for any bit of slight.

TMZ caught up with him and he spoke on his social media exchanges with Banks and he made it very clear. "No disrespect from no one at no time. No exceptions. Period. You can say what you want about me but you say something about my family, man, I'ma go at you. I will be relentless. I'll chew your throat off your neck if I need to. I have an oath. To honor and respect and to maintain the honor and respect and integrity of my family."

It was a point of view he  also shared with The Breakfast Club during his interview as well. "Now listen man, I think one thing that I have always maintained is a no tolerance policy when it come to me and my families. I'm not finna tough wrestle with nobody. Me and whoever, we got an issue? When I see him I'ma address that issue. It ain't gon' go the way they want it to go. I believe she better back down off that plank 'cause it's sharks out there."