Can't we all just get along? Things continue to get uglier between T.I. and Azealia Banks. After two squared off via social media, T.I. went over to MTV to promote his new single, "No Mediocre." During the convo, T.I. read Banks' tweet , which she later on deleted , that said, "You want no mediocre, but have you seen your wife." This caused T.I. to take off the gloves and go at Banks once again.

"Well listen, I think anytime when we speak on - how should i say - matters that are above us, we merely bring attention to all of our weaknesses," said T.I."Her speaking on my family, on my people, I think people then look at her. They see what this person had to say. So let's see what they look like. Oh, my word. You should have said that with a mask on," said T.I. referring to Azealia's tweet.

T.I. then threw the finisher by suggesting that Azealia burn her baby pictures."Burn the baby pictures," said T.I. emphatically.

"Ever since this person has been introduced into the community, they've done nothing but unnecessarily kick up dirt," he concluded.

The long storied beef between Banks and T.I's Grand Hustle continues to spiral out of control, with no end appearing to be within reach.

Check out the clip below.