Many may have a variation of opinions when it comes to Kanye, Rick Rubin however, thinks Kanye is nothing short of a genius. Rubin sat down with BBC's Zane Lowe not only to talk Yeezus but also Def Jam, genuinely loving his craft, and wanting to work with legendary jazz singer Jimmy Scott.

"The guy is super smart," said Rick Rubin in regards to Kanye. "From a creative standpoint, I can't think of anyone else who has come out, who has been more consistently great from the time they started making music until now. I think he's the most consistently great person in music right now."

In the clip, Rubin touches on starting Def Jam and fashioning the logo in a way he thought his friends would like it. He speaks about genuinely loving what he does and how many are not on the same accord. Rubin also talks about wanting to work with  legendary jazz singer Jimmy Scott who passed earlier this month.

Check out the full interview below.