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What's the next logical step after internet fame? Apparently its hip hop super-stardom.

Michael Kittrell who gained internet fame as The Angry Ginger when his video defending the redheads of the world went viral, stars in the Reelz TV reality show "Hollywood Hillbilles" along with his family. After scoring some serious walking around money from his YouTube videos and a reality show, the redhead wonder wants to try his hand at rap and got Ray J to foot the bill to the tune of $50,000. In a time when video budgets are almost non-existent, $50,000 is serious bread for a rap video production. The "Hillbillies" share a manager David Weintraub, with Ray J and he put this together.

What does $50K get you nowadays? The outrageous clip directed by Nova Rockafeller & Kavin The Kid includes a Cheetos colored suit complete with top hat, mudwrestling women, some geriatric twerking and a pregnant bikini-clad woman giving birth to a gingerbread man.

Watch Ray J's money in action below.