Dave Chappelle’s 12 Great Hip-Hop Moments

“Lil Jon” Meets Lil Jon

One of Dave’s classic impressions during the course of the series was his take on Lil Jon. Despite reveling in the Jon’s trademark exuberant calls of “Yeah!”, “What?!,” and “Ok!”, Dave would allow Jon to show previous moments of erudite intelligence as he interacted in various, normal situations like booking a plane or seeing a doctor.  It made for an impression that made Lil Jon more than a ridiculous buffoon as his moments of lucid normality seemingly called to Lil Jon’s background as an accomplished college graduate.

One of the more inspired sketches was when Chappelle’s “Lil Jon” received a phone call from the actual, real life Lil Jon in a sketch. While the sketch primarily revolves around the two Lil Jons happily yelping their catchphrases at each other in increasingly absurd fashion, buried within the ridiculous non-sequiturs about numbed hand masturbation and Oprah, there is an actual pathos as “Lil Jon” complains to Lil Jon that nobody understands them. It’s inspired comedy and the real Lil Jon shows remarkable comic delivery.

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