After being given the position as he Music Director for the U.S Men's Soccer Team, Lupe Fiasco has been working diligently to create Spotify playlists and coordinate in-game musical programming. During his interview with DJ Skee, he spoke on his coveted position and how he's considering making music with U.S. star Clint Dempsey.

“They kept some of the staff back here in the U.S. to oversee some of the viewing parties and some of the events they got here,” he said. “There’s like twenty to thirty thousand fans down there. We like one of the biggest contingencies of supporters actually down in Brazil. And I didn’t really wanna go to Brazil in the chaos. I don’t even like going to Memorial Day Weekend let alone the biggest event on Earth. Yeah, we stayed back. We did a big event in Grant Park in Chicago for the Ghana game. Ten thousand people came out, rocked it. We’re just hanging back.”

As far as making music with Clint Dempsey, the possibility is there for the two to collaborate.

“I bumped with the homie Clint for a little bit,” he said. “We were trying to put a song together before he went down to greatness. Yeah, we didn’t have time to finish it before he left so we’re gonna work on it when he come back. Hopefully that’ll be later than sooner.”