After dropping the F-bomb to Justin Bieber because of his racist comments stemming from an old video, Lord Jamar got to return to his favorite hangout spot with DJ Vlad to continue his assault on the Pop heartthrob. When DJ Vlad explained to Jamar how Mack Maine excused Bieber's comments because the black culture adopted the 'Confident' singer, it triggered the Brand Nubian rapper to go off.

"What was his initiation? What is the criteria for legitimately adopting black culture...Is it because he hangs with black people? Is it because he uses black slang? Because he f**ks black girls? Plenty of slave masters f**ked black women all the time..you prefer to go to black strip clubs? I don't understand."

Many rappers like Migos and Soulja Boy have chimed in on the controversial issue and lent their support to Bieber. Others, more notably, the veterans, like Lupe Fiasco and Ice Cube, were more critical of his actions.

Check out Lord Jamar's rant below.