LiL Wayne Tha Carter

This Sunday, June 29, marks the 10th anniversary of Lil Wayne's Tha Carter, his fourth solo studio album and the first installment of one of, if not the, most lucrative album franchises in hip-hop history. Tha Carter was widely tipped as the album that saw Wayne fully leave behind his Hot Boys past and set his sights firmly on the future, with lyrics that went far and beyond the "Bling Bling" era from where he had come. It was also the first album on which Weezy declared his claim for the throne; with Jay Z having recently retired from rap in favor of the Def Jam boardroom, Wayne found it in himself to rap, "The best rapper alive since the best rapper retired," on "Bring It Back." Two Carters later, after Jay had returned to rap, he would famously pass the torch to Wayne on the track "Mr. Carter," saying, "I took so much change from this rap game, it's your go."

The album also served as the swan song for Mannie Fresh's reign as the official in-house sound of the Cash Money empire, and Mannie's influence is felt all over the project. In a nod towards his roots, Weezy F. Baby (please say the Baby) also dedicated "I Miss My Dawgs" to the Hot Boys, saving a verse apiece for B.G., Juvenile and Turk in a touching tribute to each. In all, Tha Carter served as a stepping stone, and the beginning of the Modern Weezy Era; it's not the best of its series, but it's the match that set fire to the monstrous decade that followed for Wayne. To celebrate its anniversary, XXL broke it down, lyrically, by the numbers, analyzing and counting some of the more common Wayne idiosyncrasies along the way. It's Carter season, baby. —Dan Rys

lil wayne

Total Length Of Album: 79:07

lil wayne

Amount Of Time Lil Wayne Raps: 47:08


Amount Of Time Someone Else Raps: 15:49

lil wayne birdman

Amount Of Time That Is Dialogue: 6:09

Mannie fresh

Amount Of Time That Is Just Music: 10:01

lil wayne

Percentage Of Time Lil Wayne Raps: 59.6 percent

lil wayne

Approximate Number Of Words On The Album: 13,500

lil wayne

Approximate Number Of Words Lil Wayne Raps On The Album: 10,700

lil wayne

Percentage Of Words On The Album Lil Wayne Raps: 79 percent

lil wayne

Number Of Times Wayne Says "Carter": 46

lil wayne birdman

Number Of Times Wayne Says "Weezy": 32


Number Of Times Wayne References Birdman: 26

cash money

Number Of Shoutouts To The Cash Money Crew: 54

new orleans

Number Of References To New Orleans: 9