Looks like problems were resolved between YMCMB's frontman, Lil Wayne,  and Justin Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun.  According to TMZ, the two chopped it up and ultimately discovered the root behind the beef was a "huge misunderstanding".

Sources close to Lil Wayne's camp told TMZ all beef has been squashed between Weezy and Braun. Apparently, some of Weezy's people now believe the details of Lil Twist's story involving Scooter Braun were slightly exaggerated. Sources confirm both parties were able to reconcile their differences and are willing to move on from the whole situation peacefully.

The feud began when Lil Twist told Weezy about Braun labeling him a "bad influence" for Justin Bieber. After reportedly being kicked out of Bieber's house, Lil Twist also accused Braun of blaming the cause of all of Bieber's legal issues on him. The two publicly voiced their dislike toward each other on Twitter last November.

A video was later released of the New Orleans rapper stepping off a private jet and shouting profane threats directed at Braun, while at the same time, defending his "brother" Lil Twist  who happened to be trailing behind him.