After video footage leaked of Justin Bieber telling racist jokes and saying the N-word, many would think that hip-hop would be at his throat. However, as many more rappers have come forth siding with JB than not, one has to wonder if indeed Justin is getting pass.
Decide for yourself and see what rappers have commented on the recent Bieber spectacle.


Mack Maine sided with Bieber explaining that Biebet being so young in the video is why he gets a pass from the Young Money team. Mack Maine the reflected on his own transgressions stating, “I remember telling a white man, Chinese man, Black man joke as a kid that was terrible and I told it to my friends because I thought they’d think it was funny.”


Migos sided with JB as well. In an interview with MTV News, the rap group spoke about why they aren’t too upset with him. “It wasn’t a good move to make but he accepted what he did and he don’t use that lingo around us,” Migos told MTV News. “We ain’t personally see the video anyway we just heard about, but it feels [like it's] in the past and that’s not what we condone.”
“We do our music together and we’re good through music. So [we] don’t feel like he’s a racist," they continued.


Lupe, one of the rapper to voice disapproval had this to say: “Donald Sterling, did he say the N-word? Justin Bieber said it, but it’s cool? “There’s already people coming to his defense. I just did an interview with Fox Sports and they brought up Donald Sterling in that capacity in sports. I just was like, I don’t think anybody should be profiting off racism. Donald Sterling made a billion dollars. You know, sold the team, and made a billion dollars. And then, you just have somebody who just made a very racist joke about it. I wonder if Justin Bieber is going to get the same treatment as Donald Sterling. I don’t think he will. It’s an absurd twist of fate. Absurd things. I guess that’s how that universe puts things out.”


Soulja Boy was one of the first to speak on the matter unveiling that he had hopped on the phone with him the next day. "The footage is so old man, he was 15. It was a very touchy serious situation but we all slip up. We all make mistakes." He later added, "Y'all know he's not racist. If all his homies are black then he's not racist."


Lord Jamar, however, wasn’t as sympathetic. On Twitter, Lord Jamar voiced his opinion on Bieber saying, “F*ck Justin Bieber’s punk ass!”