No matter how exciting your job is, every so often you have to do something to break the monotony; even police work. Aerial Ronell and Ranell Roy, two officers from Texas, decided to roll camera as they lip-synced Katy Perry and Juicy J's hit "Dark Horse" while riding in their patrol car. The leadership at the department embraced the video and posted it in its Facebook page. And the people like it. As of Friday morning, the original post had 22,523 likes and 90,425 shares.

For the lip-syncing cops it was another way to build a strong relationship with the community. "We actually want to be able to show people that we're just people, just like everybody else," Ronnell said to the local news team at KPRC, with Roy adding, "The message is that we're not the enemy, we're the friends of the community."

No word on if Katy or Juicy J will join them for a sequel. Take a look below to see the tax dollars of the people of Rosenberg, Texas at work.