Guess who's the hot topic of the week? Maybe LeBron after his Game 1 debacle. But, realistically, the focus is still on Justin Bieber. After several rappers spoke on his N-word fiasco, the overall reaction regarding the matter is very mixed. While Migos and Soulja Boy vouched for Bieber, the veteran rappers weren't too fond, like Lupe Fiasco, and now, Ice Cube. In an interview with MTV, Ice Cube explained how Bieber's wounds pertaining to the issue were self inflicted.

“It’s really on him,” Cube told MTV News. “You gotta always be in tune with what you sayin’ and who you talkin’ about. What might be fun and games to you could really, really hurt and affect somebody else.”

Bieber, was only 15 in the controversial video that has been disseminating around the web all week long.

Cube concluded by saying, “You live and learn." Hopefully, this will be it for the "Confident' singer.