A lot of people living in a three hots and a cot situation would ride their time out and wait patiently to reenter society. Not Gucci Mane. In spite of being behind bars for two counts of possession of a firearm by a felon, he announced that a trio of projects were on the way. The World War 3D series will include The Green Album with Young Thug, Migos with The Purple Album and The White Album with Peewee Longway all set to drop on June 17. Now he's added in two more projects to the line up. Trap House 4 which will hit the streets on July 4 and Trap God 3 on September 13.

Guwop spoke from behind the walls to let his fans know that he's not being idle. Through an audio message on his Soundcloud he explained, "Even though I'm locked up, I still run the streets from jail."

The World War 3D series follows the blueprint Gucci laid down in August 2013 with World War 3.

Hear Gucci's full statement below.