Game is currently promoting his controversial single "Bigger Than Me" off his forthcoming compilation, Blood Money La Familia. In his latest radio interview, the Compton rapper addresses everything that's been going on with him, from the G-Union reunion to dissing Durk on "Chi-raq." As we can expect from a cool and confidant Game, he doesn't hold anything back and makes sure to point out that he always has something to say when hip-hop pisses him off. Read some highlights below, and check out the video above.

On The Documentary 2:

"As far The Documentary 2 is concerned, we are gonna try get that out around the same time the first The Documentary dropped 10 years ago, which is January 18. Next January is going to be the ten-year anniversary and I would love to get The Documentary 2 in January."

On the G-Unit reunion:

"Congrats on getting G-Unit back together, man. That was cool. I saw the pictures online and I actually, genuinely from my heart, thought it was a cool thing. Especially for Buck, who was a good friend of mine, I just think anything that keeps him going musically is dope. You know, Yayo, 50 and Banks I haven't talked to in a long time, but seeing them back together. It was cool. That was dope."

On calling the 2014 XXL Freshman Class "soft":

"Listen to the song, it's there. If anybody takes offense to it, you can take your bum ass into the studio, record your reply, and I'ma rip you to shreds and you never probably gonna rap again... I'm lethal. And the moment any one of these guys feels like they gonna get in the studio and diss Game, just think about it, because the food erases itself from ya plate."

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