The Game Vs L.A.'s Supperclub

Things escalated rather quickly outside of the Los Angeles club Supperclub when mutual acquaintances of T.I. and Game got in a physical altercation with the club’s security. A group of men associated with the two rappers were denied entrance to the club and began arguing with security outside. One thing led to another and a member of the crew threw a punch at one of the security guards, which you can clearly hear in the fight video below. The L.A. nightclub issued an official statement removing both T.I. and Game from any involvement of the incident.

Kevin Durant 1

the Game

Kevin Durant's getting on better terms with the hip hop world. Yes his feud with Lil B is still looming but his recent back and forth with Game seems to have come to an end. According to a recent talk with TMZ Sports the rapper said that his disagreement with the hoop star was really just a case of "miscommunication."

The whole mess began when Game took to his Instagram to post a video with the caption, “Bet Kevin Durant $20,000 that he’d have to donate to the @froggallstars & play wit #LaFamilia in the #DrewLeague if I made an NBA 3 pointer all net.” But when asked about the bet by TMZ on Tuesday the current NBA MVP replied “He’s lying.”

Game fired back by calling the baller a sore loser. Now he's saying that it was supposed to be for gear that the kids would receive and that money wasn't a part of the arrangement.

Game explained, "He's a professional athlete and so, I guess the rules are they are not to gamble on basketball ... which is very understandable." According to the Game, KD will still make good on getting the gear for the kids so everything's straight.

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