the Game

Beside name dropping some of your favorite rappers in hopes of demolishing their careers, Game does have a good side. Game has donated $5000 to upgrade the car of a Compton family of 6 for his Robin Hood Project.

"Meet Gladys, her IG is @_geegee22 & she's a single mom that lives in Compton in a 1 bedroom apartment with 6 kids..... As hard as it is for her to raise her 6 children financially, she works, grinds & gets it done !!! Reminds me of the things & the sacrifices my mother made to get us everything me & my sisters & brothers had when we were younger..... We didn't have everything but she made sure we had what we needed & always went above & beyond to keep smiles on our faces ! Well, Gladys..... growing up in a similar situation makes me commend you & on behalf of @therobinhoodproject I've answered your daughters Direct Message & request to be chosen as the winner of the "Upgrade My Whip" contest...... & given $5,000 to Alex @LuxuryMotoring to take your family van & give it a full upgrade inside & out !!!!!!!!!!! Not only that, we're going to help you with a rental van until they're customizing your existing one..... I'm happy for you & your family & can't wait to see the finished product........ Have a beautiful weekend & congratulations again - The Game #TheRobinHoodProject #Charity #UpgradeMyWhip #Free #Giveaway," said Game on Instagram.

Game has a lot on his plate. His new album Blood Money La Familia will be dropping in September and The Documentary 2 will be out in January.