G-Unit is back with a vengeance, and ever since they reunited at Summer Jam during 50 Cent's performance they've been back to their old ways of dropping music left and right. Beginning with their remix of HS87's "Grindin' My Whole Life," which they dropped the day after Summer Jam, we've now had five G-Unit remixes in the past month. And with a mixtape and album on the way before the end of the year, XXL decided it was time to pull together all five remixes and see whether the Unit is really back on form.

With the summer really getting underway, we've ranked all five of the Unit's remixes, the first five tracks we've gotten from the crew since 2008. Will G-Unit run the summer? They're off to a positive start. —Eric Diep and Dan Rys


5. "Don't Tell 'Em"

Beat: Jeremih featuring YG, "Don't Tell 'Em"
Date It Dropped: June 27
Best Verse: 50 Cent
Why It Was Hot: Hard to choose a favorite verse, but 50's introductory salvo over DJ Mustard's bouncy beat recalls some of his greatest flows. Jeremih's hook and verse break up the rap onslaught, as all five members of the Unit—yes, Kidd Kidd, too—slide through to creep on the ladies in this summer anthem. Buck once again sounds like he's in the form of his life, Yayo drops some Southside slang and Banks plays the smooth operator to perfection in closing out the track. You could definitely hear this in the club for the next few months while the weather stays hot.


4. "Ordinary"

Beat: Trey Songz featuring Jeezy, "Ordinary"
Date It Dropped: June 10
Best Verse: 50 Cent
Why It Was Hot: The Unit’s return wasn’t going to end with just a few songs. Instead, the third remix had dedicated fans hoping that a new G-Unit Radio was coming very soon. They've done a good job at mastering the posse cut, and this one isn't any different, with every member playing off each other. However, it’s 50 who sounds like he’s back to what made him so popular in the first place. Riding the beat with little effort, Fif hits us with some of his classic boasts.


3. "They Talked About Jesus"

Beat: Wu-Tang Clan, "Tearz"
Date It Dropped: June 16
Best Verse: Young Buck
Why It Was Hot: Wu-Tang's "Tearz" beat would make anyone sound great, but Buck and Banks in particular came through and floated all over the hook on this one, sounding confident and carefree. All three guys showed up with fire verses—50 sat this one out—but Buck's ferocity on his opening 16 carried this one throughout. Buck and Yayo both name-check Ghostface's Fishscale, Banks reps his own flyness with a raspy authority, and the whole vibe is one of the best platforms for the reunited Unit to flow through. The rap game definitely needs them.


2. "Nah I'm Talkin' 'Bout"

Beat: HS87, "Grindin' My Whole Life"
Date It Dropped: June 2
Best Verse: Young Buck
Why It Was Hot: It was the song that set off the entire G-Unit movement again. Since 2008’s Terminate On Sight, the original members of G-Unit haven’t come together for a new record in six years. After riding high from their reunion at Summer Jam, the Unit sounded their absolute best on Hit-Boy’s HS87 anthem. With 50 Cent interpolating the hook, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, Tony Yayo and newcomer Kidd Kidd deliver some ill street rhymes.


1. "Real Quick"

Beat: Drake, "0 To 100"
Date It Dropped: June 3
Best Verse: Kidd Kidd
Why It Was Hot: While there have been seemingly countless remixes of Drake’s “0 To 100,” none compare to G-Unit’s “Real Quick.” Everybody shows out with verses that best capture their personality. The best one-liners, surprisingly, come from a hungry and motivated Kidd Kidd, who tells his enemies, “Don’t Tweet me, see me when you see me.” Never that.