After delivering a very poignant verse on Ab-Soul's new album, These Days, the battle rapper Daylyt may have earned himself a deal with Eminem's Shady Records. In a self-recorded clip for his video vlog, the young spitter says that he's the newest signee on Marshall Mathers' label and that his album, Look It To My Head is on the way.

“I’m done with battling these regular cats. It’s over with for me. I don’t really care for that type of stuff,” says Daylyt. “My album is in the process – Look It To My Head. Everything is in the works. Big shouts out to Eminem for making that legit. Daylyt is an official member of Shady Records.”

Currently, the rapper is gearing up for his battle at Total Slaughter which is scheduled for next month. According to him, he plans on battling another rapper from the TDE camp later this year as well.

“I’ve made it to a level to where I’m clearly outside of battle rap. I just battled Ab-Soul. I got another TDE member coming up in August which is a big TDE member,” says Day. “This is going to be a big event for the West Coast.”

However a rep from Shady Records says that "The extent of the relationship between Daylyt and Shady Records is his involvement with Total Slaughter." So it looks like Daylyt is still a free agent.