DJ Khaled is known for his creative, and sometimes over-the-top, publicity stunts. Like the time he proposed to Nicki Minaj as a faux advertisement for his single "I Wanna Be With You." But, apparently the We The Best boss is about to make a huge power move that he has managed to keep under wraps until now. "Monday, I have a big announcement," he recently told Miss Info. Without going too far into the details, Khaled said the news involves a venture that will get him closer to his dream of being on the cover of Forbes. "A new ground that's going to break and it's going to be a...venture," Khaled revealed. "It's going to be big. Definitely music related, but not your average. Put it this way, right. My goal is to be on that Forbes cover. I don't want to use the word million anymore, I want to use the word billion. And, I'm gone get it."

He added, "A lot of people are gonna be scratching their heads saying, 'dang, he did it.'"

Any idea what Khaled has up his sleeve? Check out the entire clip, above.

[via MissInfo]