Well Dame Dash has been doing a lot of talking as of late, in hopes of protecting his reputation as the ultimate hustler. Last week, him and Funk Flex bumped heads and now this week he's back at it again.

Guess Flex's jab at Dame's financial situation hit hard as he now comes forth again to address the matter. In an interview with EbenGregory.Com Dame assures he isn't broke and that people need to stop worrying about his pockets.

"You know what you're supposed to say right there? First of all, how can I be broke and I got all these companies," said Dame in response to people questioning whether he's broke.

"Second of all, why the fuck are people talking about another man's pockets? That means that's a general problem in the black community. [They're] too worried about other niggas' pockets," said Dame Dash.

The former creator of BET's Ultimate Hustler has been dealing with a lot of criticism after going at Manda, Flex, and Steve Stoute. Hopefully, he can put all of this behind him and continue hustling.

Check out the rest of the interview below.

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