Name changes are not that rare with artists in the music industry nowadays. Snoop Dogg has gone through his fair share of multiple name changes and now his "nephew" Bow Wow is following his lead, sort of. Bow Wow would now like people to address him by his real name, Shad Moss. Last week, Moss warned fans the name change would be in affect as soon as the BET Awards were over.

Rap-Up TV caught up with the Ohio rapper to discuss the reasoning behind his name change. When asked if it was something he'd been planning to do for awhile, Moss replied "yes -I've always thrown hints about it, through my music. Like I said for all my fans that have grown with me they know the name...I'm embarking on so many different things now, television, clothing, you name it everything, so it's kind of hard for me to just be Bow Wow."

The change doesn't come as a real surprise to most people who've known the rapper's real name since his career began. Moss actually found it quite funny the media made such a big deal about going by his birth name instead of his rapper persona. "It's a name that they've heard my whole me it really wasn't that big of a deal. I was kind of laughing at the reaction, everybody was just making it like some of the biggest news in the world, but to me it was just hilarious because I was just like, sh*t I'm just using my normal name."

Watch the interview below: