From the wedding kiss which lit up Instagram, to the bevy of celebrities in attendance, the grandeur wedding of Kanye and Kim will go down as historic. Kanye's protege, Big Sean, went far enough to call the wedding a "classic" during his interview with The Breakfast Club on KUBE 93.

"It was really pretty classic man but the coverage was the craziest part," Big Sean said when asked about the wedding. "There was helicopters flying around. It felt like the royal family but it was a beautiful thing. They came in and kept it classic."

As far as music is concerned, the Detroit rapper said he's currently working with Chris Brown on a few songs.

"I was with him the day before in the studio," he said. "It's been a while since me and him made something but we got a couple songs in the works that's sounding really good."

Sean has been diligently working on his new album, which he said would feature Drake and possibly Rihanna, after they were spotted together in the studio. Be on the lookout for that and check out his interview below.