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    After their first performance together in six years at <a title="summer" href="" target="_blank">Summer Jam </a>earlier this month—not to mention their <a title="webster" href="" target="_blank">fantastic official reunion show </a>last night at Webster Hall—the G-Unit comeback is fully in motion. The day after Summer Jam, the Unit dropped a new track, "<a title="nah" href="" target="_blank">Nah I'm Talkin' 'Bout</a>," and followed that up the next day with a remix to Drake's "<a title="100" href="" target="_blank">0 To 100</a>" and the promise of a new <a title="album" href="" target="_blank">G-Unit album in November</a>; and with 50 set to follow last week's <a title="animal" href="" target="_blank"><em>Animal Ambition</em></a> by releasing <a title="street" href="" target="_blank"><i>Street King Immortal</i> in September</a>, there's a decent chance of more G-Unit music before then.<br /><br />For a crew with such a massive collective catalog over the past 12 years, new material can't help but remind us of the insane level of mixtape output that the Mixtape Millionaires produced. To take a trip back through the years, <i>XXL</i> has compiled all 81 G-Unit mixtapes since 2002, all in one place. The Unit is back. —<a title="danrys" href="" target="_blank"><i>Dan Rys</i></a>
  • 1-50-Cent-Is-the-Future
    <strong>June 1, 2002</strong><br />50 Cent, <em><a title="future" href="" target="_blank">50 Cent Is The Future</a></em>
  • 2-G-Unit-No-Mercy-No-Fear
    <strong>Aug. 1, 2002</strong><br />G-Unit, <a title="mercy" href="" target="_blank"><em>No Mercy, No Fear</em></a>
  • 3-g-unit-gods-plan.jpeg
    <strong>Nov. 1, 2002</strong><br />G-Unit,<em> <a title="plan" href="" target="_blank">God's Plan</a></em>
  • 4-G-Unit-Automatic-Gunfire
    <strong>December 2002</strong><br />G-Unit, <em><a title="gunfire" href="" target="_blank">Automatic Gunfire</a></em>
  • 5-g-unit-the-future-is-now
    <strong>Dec. 9, 2002</strong><br />G-Unit, <a title="now" href="" target="_blank"><em>The Future Is Now</em></a>
  • 6-50-Cent-Bulletproof
    <strong>Feb. 11, 2003</strong><br />50 Cent, <a title="bulletproof" href="" target="_blank"><em>Bulletproof (G-Unit Pt. 5)</em></a>, hosted by Dave Chappelle
  • 7-G-Unit-Smoking-Day-2
    <strong>Mar. 29, 2003</strong><br />G-Unit, <a title="2" href="" target="_blank"><em>Smokin' Day 2 (G-Unit Radio Pt. 1)</em></a>
  • 8-G-Unit-International-Ballers
    <strong>June 10, 2003</strong><br />G-Unit, <a title="intl" href="" target="_blank"><em>International Ballers (G-Unit Radio Part 2)</em></a>
  • 9-lloyd-banks-money-in-the-bank
    <strong>July 15, 2003</strong><br />Lloyd Banks, <a title="money" href="" target="_blank"><em>Money In The Bank</em></a>
  • 10-G-Unit-Takin-It-To-The-Streets
    <strong>Aug. 13, 2003</strong><br />G-Unit, <a title="3" href="" target="_blank"><em>Takin' It To The Streets (G-Unit Radio Part 3)</em></a>
  • 11-lloyd-banks-mo-money-part-2
    <strong>Sept. 13, 2003</strong><br />Lloyd Banks, <a title="mo" href="" target="_blank"><em>Mo' Money In The Bank</em></a>
  • 12-g-unit-no-peace-talks
    <strong>Nov. 24, 2003</strong><br />G-Unit, <a title="peace" href="" target="_blank"><em>No Peace Talks! (</em><em>G-Unit Radio Part 4)</em></a>
  • 13-g-unit-all-eyez-on-us
    <strong>Jan. 29, 2004</strong><br />G-Unit, <a title="eyez" href="" target="_blank"><em>All Eyez On Us (G-Unit Radio Part 5)</em></a>
  • 14-g-unit-motion-picture-shit
    <strong>Apr. 1, 2004</strong><br />G-Unit, <a title="6" href="" target="_blank"><em>Motion Picture Shit (G-Unit Radio Part 6)</em></a>
  • 15-G-Unit-King-of-New-York
    <strong>May 6, 2004</strong><br />G-Unit, <a title="7" href="" target="_blank"><em>King Of New York (G-Unit Radio Part 7)</em></a>
  • 16-young-buck-welcome-hood
    <strong>May 31, 2004</strong><br />Young Buck, <a title="hood" href="" target="_blank"><em>Welcome To The Hood</em></a>
  • 17-G-Unit-the-Fifth-Element
    <strong>July 29, 2004</strong><br />G-Unit, <a title="8" href="" target="_blank"><em>The Fifth Element (G-Unit Radio Part 8)</em></a>
  • 18-lloyd-banks-mo-money-part-3
    <strong>Sept. 19, 2004</strong><br />Lloyd Banks, <a title="cash" href="" target="_blank"><em>Mo' Money In The Bank 3: Cashing In</em></a>
  • 19-game-westside-story
    <strong>Sept. 23, 2004</strong><br />Game, <a title="westside" href="" target="_blank"><em>Westside Story: The Compton Chronicles</em></a>
  • 20-g-unit-city
    <strong>Nov. 17, 2004</strong><br />G-Unit, <a title="9" href="" target="_blank"><em>G-Unit City (G-Unit Radio Part 9)</em></a>
  • game-you-know-what-it-is-2
    <strong>Dec. 18, 2004</strong><br />Game, <a title="game" href="" target="_blank"><em>You Know What It Is Vol 2</em></a>
  • 21-g-unit-before-the-massacre
    <strong>Jan. 7, 2005</strong><br />G-Unit, <a title="10" href="" target="_blank"><em>2050 Before The Massacre (G-Unit Radio Part 10)</em></a>
  • 22-tony-yayo-raw-uncut
    <strong>May 2, 2005</strong><br />Tony Yayo, <a title="11" href="" target="_blank"><em>Yayo Raw And Uncut (G-Unit Radio Part 11)</em></a>
  • 23-olivia-so-seductive
    <strong>July 9, 2005</strong><br />Olivia, <a title="12" href="" target="_blank"><em>So Seductive (G-Unit Radio Part 12)</em></a>
  • 24-g-unit-mixtape-millionaire
    <strong>Sept. 3, 2005</strong><br />G-Unit,<a title="13" href="" target="_blank"> <em>The Return Of The Mixtape Millionaire (G-Unit Radio Part 13)</em></a>
  • 25-g-unit-back-to-business
    <strong>Oct. 1, 2005</strong><br />G-Unit, <a title="14" href="" target="_blank"><em>Back To Business (G-Unit Radio Part 14) </em></a>
  • 26-g-unit-are-you-window-shopper
    <strong>Oct. 22, 2005</strong><br />G-Unit, <a title="15" href="" target="_blank"><em>Are You A Window Shopper? (G-Unit Radio Part 15)</em></a>
  • 27-mase-10-years-of-hate
    <strong>Jan. 21, 2006</strong><br />Ma$e, <a title="16" href="" target="_blank"><em>10 Years Of Hate (G-Unit Radio Part 16)</em></a>
  • 28-young-buck-case-dismissed
    <strong>Feb. 6, 2006</strong><br />Young Buck, <a title="south" href="" target="_blank"><em>Case Dismissed—The Introduction Of G-Unit South</em></a>
  • 29-mobb-deep-best-bizness
    <strong>Feb. 27, 2006</strong><br />Mobb Deep, <a title="17" href="" target="_blank"><em>Best In The Bizness (G-Unit Radio Part 17)</em></a>
  • 30-spider-loc-rags-2-riches
    <strong>Apr. 10, 2006</strong><br />Spider Loc, <a title="loc" href="" target="_blank"><em>Rags 2 Riches (G-Unit Radio Part 18)</em></a>
  • 31-Freeway-G-Unit-Radio-19
    <strong>Apr. 10, 2006</strong><br />Freeway, <em><a title="19" href="" target="_blank">Rep Yo Click (G-Unit Radio Part 19)</a></em>
  • 32-mobb-deep-best-bizness-2
    <strong>Apr. 10, 2006</strong><br />Mobb Deep, <a title="20" href="" target="_blank"><em>Best In The Bizness 2 (G-Unit Radio Part 20)</em></a>
  • 33-lloyd-banks-mo-money-part-4
    <strong>May 27, 2006</strong><br />Lloyd Banks, <a title="gang" href="" target="_blank"><em>Mo' Money In The Bank 4: Gang Green Season Starts Now</em></a>
  • 34-g-unit-hate-it-love-it
    <strong>July 3, 2006</strong><br />G-Unit, <a title="21" href="" target="_blank"><em>Hate It Or Love It (G-Unit Radio Part 21)</em></a>
  • 35-young-buck-chronic-2006
    <strong>Aug. 4, 2006</strong><br />Young Buck, <a title="chronic" href="" target="_blank"><em>The Chronic 2006</em></a>
  • 36-young-buck-welcome-traphouse
    <strong>Aug. 21, 2006</strong><br />Young Buck, <a title="trap" href="" target="_blank"><em>Welcome To The Traphouse</em></a>
  • 37-50-cent-hip-hop-is-dead
    <strong>Sept. 7, 2006</strong><br />50 Cent, <a title="22" href="" target="_blank"><em>Hip Hop Is Dead—Verse 2 (G-Unit Radio Part 22)</em></a>
  • 38-lloyd-banks-mo-money-part-5
    <strong>Dec. 18, 2006</strong><br />Lloyd Banks, <a title="final" href="" target="_blank"><em>Mo' Money In The Bank 5: Gang Green Season Continues (The Final Chapter)</em></a>
  • 40-tony-yayo-finally-off-papers
    <strong>Mar. 1, 2007</strong><br />Tony Yayo, <a title="23" href="" target="_blank"><em>Finally Off Papers (G-Unit Radio Part 23)</em></a>
  • 39-young-buck-clean-up-man
    <strong>June 16, 2007</strong><br />Young Buck, <a title="24" href="" target="_blank"><em>The Clean Up Man (G-Unit Radio Part 24)</em></a>
  • 41-young-buck-ten-a-key
    <strong>Sept. 4, 2007</strong><br />Young Buck, <a title="key" href="" target="_blank"><em>Mr. Ten-A-Key: Product Of The South</em></a>
  • 42-g-unit-sabrina
    <strong>Oct. 4, 2007</strong><br />G-Unit, <a title="25" href="" target="_blank"><em>Sabrina's Baby Boy (G-Unit Radio Part 25)</em></a>
  • 43-G-Unit-return-body-snatchers
    <strong>Feb. 4, 2008</strong><br />G-Unit, <a title="body" href="" target="_blank"><em>Return Of The Body Snatchers (ThisIs50 Volume 1)</em></a>
  • 44-g-unit-elephant-sand
    <strong>Mar. 11, 2008</strong><br />G-Unit, <a title="elephant" href="" target="_blank"><em>Elephant In The Sand (ThisIs50 Volume 2)</em></a>
  • 45-50-Cent-Sincerely-Yours-Southside
    <strong>June 24, 2008</strong><br />50 Cent, <a title="south" href="" target="_blank"><em>Sincerely Yours, Southside (ThisIs50 Volume 3)</em></a>
  • 46-lloyd-banks-return-plk
    <strong>Sept. 26, 2008</strong><br />Lloyd Banks, <a title="plk" href="" target="_blank"><em>Return Of The P.L.K.</em></a>
  • 47-tony-yayo-sod
    <strong>Sept. 28, 2008</strong><br />Tony Yayo, <a title="sod" href="" target="_blank"><em>S.O.D. (Thisis50 Volume 4)</em></a>
  • 48-lloyd-banks-halloween-havoc
    <strong>Oct. 31, 2008</strong><br />Lloyd Banks, <a title="havoc" href="" target="_blank"><em>Halloween Havoc</em></a>
  • 49-tony-yayo-black-friday
    <strong>Nov. 14, 2008</strong><br />Tony Yayo, <a title="black" href="" target="_blank"><em>Black Friday</em></a>
  • tony-yayo-bloody-xmas
    <strong>Dec. 25, 2008</strong><br />Tony Yayo, <a title="xmas" href="" target="_blank"><em>Bloody XMas</em></a>
  • 50-lloyd-banks-cold-corner
    <strong>Jan. 1, 2009</strong><br />Lloyd Banks, <a title="cold" href="" target="_blank"><em>The Cold Corner</em></a>
  • 51-young-buck-back-streets
    <strong>Apr. 11, 2009</strong><br />Young Buck, <a title="streets" href="" target="_blank"><em>Back For The Streets</em></a>
  • 52-lloyd-banks-happy-birthday
    <strong>Apr. 30, 2009</strong><br />Lloyd Banks, <a title="birhtday" href="" target="_blank"><em>4-30-09 (Happy Birthday)</em></a>
  • 53-young-buck-back-buck-shit
    <strong>May 26, 2009</strong><br />Young Buck, <em><a title="shit" href="" target="_blank">Back On My Buck Shit</a></em>
  • The Swine Flu Cover
    <strong>May 26, 2009</strong><br />Tony Yayo, <a title="swine" href="" target="_blank"><em>The Swine Flu</em></a>
  • 55-tony-yayo-swine-flu-2
    <strong>June 11, 2009</strong><br />Tony Yayo, <a title="flu" href="" target="_blank"><em>The Swine Flu 2</em></a>
  • 56-50-cent-war-angel
    <strong>June 16, 2009</strong><br />50 Cent, <a title="war" href="" target="_blank"><em>War Angel LP</em></a>
  • 57-50-cent-forever-king
    <strong>July 3, 2009</strong><br />50 Cent, <a title="king" href="" target="_blank"><em>Forever King</em></a>
  • 58-tony-yayo-public-enemies
    <strong>July 21, 2009</strong><br />Tony Yayo, <a title="enemise" href="" target="_blank"><em>Public Enemies</em></a>
  • 59-tony-yayo-gangsta-paradise
    <strong>Aug. 27, 2009</strong><br />Tony Yayo, <a title="paradise" href="" target="_blank"><em>Gangsta Paradise</em></a>
  • 60-young-buck-only-god-can-judge
    <b>Sept. 16, 2009</b>Young Buck, <a title="god" href="" target="_blank"><em>Only God Can Judge Me</em></a>
  • 61-lloyd-banks-v5
    <strong>Dec. 28, 2009</strong><br />Lloyd Banks, <a title="v5" href="" target="_blank"><em>V.5</em></a>
  • 62-tony-yayo-gpg
    <strong>Feb. 1, 2010</strong><br />Tony Yayo, <a title="guru" href="" target="_blank"><em>Gunpowder Guru</em></a>
  • 63-tony-yayo-gpg-2
    <strong>Mar. 22, 2010</strong><br />Tony Yayo, <a title="remixes" href="" target="_blank"><em>Gunpowder Guru 2: The Remixes</em></a>
  • 64-young-buck-back-buck-shit-2
    <strong>Oct. 31, 2010</strong><br />Young Buck, <a title="change" href="" target="_blank"><em>Back On My Buck Shit Vol. 2: Change Of Plans</em></a>
  • 65-tony-yayo-gpg-3
    <strong>Mar. 17, 2011</strong><br />Tony Yayo, <a title="gun" href="" target="_blank"><em>Gunpowder Guru 3</em></a>
  • 66-tony-yayo-el-chapo
    <strong>May 4, 2011</strong><br />Tony Yayo, <a title="el" href="" target="_blank"><em>El Chapo</em></a>
  • 67-tony-yayo-meyer-lansky
    <strong>Aug. 3, 2011</strong><br />Tony Yayo, <a title="meyer" href="" target="_blank"><em>Meyer Lansky</em></a>
  • 68-tony-yayo-gpg-4
    <strong>Sept. 15, 2011</strong><br />Tony Yayo, <a title="guru4" href="" target="_blank"><em>Gunpowder Guru 4</em></a>
  • 69-lloyd-banks-cold-corner-2
    <strong>Jan. 1, 2009</strong><br />Lloyd Banks, <a title="cold" href="" target="_blank"><em>The Cold Corner</em></a>
  • 70-50-cent-big-10
    <strong>Dec. 9, 2011</strong><br />50 Cent, <a title="10" href="" target="_blank"><em>The Big 10</em></a>
  • 71-young-buck-live-loyal-die-rich
    <strong>Jan. 24, 2012</strong><br />Young Buck, <a title="loyal" href="" target="_blank"><em>Live Loyal, Die Rich</em></a>
  • 72-tony-yayo-el-chapo-2
    <strong>Feb. 14, 2012</strong><br />Tony Yayo, <a title="chapo" href="" target="_blank"><em>El Chapo 2</em></a>
  • 73-50-cent-lost-tape
    <strong>May 22, 2012</strong><br />50 Cent, <em><a title="lost" href="" target="_blank">The Lost Tape</a></em>
  • 74-50-cent-murder-numbers
    <strong>July 6, 2012</strong><br />50 Cent, <a title="murder" href="" target="_blank"><em>5 (Murder By Numbers)</em></a>
  • 75-lloyd-banks-v6
    <strong>July 24, 2012</strong><br />Lloyd Banks, <a title="gift" href="" target="_blank"><em>V.6: The Gift</em></a>
  • 76-tony-yayo-sex-drugs
    <strong>July 30, 2012</strong><br />Tony Yayo, <a title="sex" href="" target="_blank"><em>Sex, Drugs And Hip-Hop</em></a>
  • 77-young-buck-traps-trunks
    <strong>Oct. 31, 2012</strong><br />Young Buck, <em><a title="trunks" href="" target="_blank">Strictly 4 Traps N Trunks 44: Free Young Buck Edition</a></em>
  • 78-tony-yayo-godfather-ghetto
    <strong>June 28, 2013</strong><br />Tony Yayo, <a title="ghetto" href="" target="_blank"><em>Godfather Of The Ghetto</em></a>
  • 79-lloyd-banks-fno
    <strong>Oct. 31, 2013</strong><br />Lloyd Banks, <a title="fno" href="" target="_blank"><em>F.N.O. (Failure's No Option)</em></a>

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