50 Cent has ended a lot of beefs lately, but he hasn't ended all of them. Now that we know G-Unit is working and an album is coming in November, here are a couple of other people who 50 could squash beef with.


This longtime feud has been going on for over a decade. Things looked like they were completely over after Ja Rule got of of jail in May 2013. Rule went on Hot 97's Angie Martinez show in September 2013 and revealed he thought he lost the long-running battle to 50 Cent. The following month Rule and 50 would cross paths as the two ended up on the same plane and in the same row. Well, the peace was short-lived. At Summer Jam 2014, 50 Cent performed the well-known Ja Rule diss record “I Smell Pussy,” and Rule wasn't having it. He took to Twitter to voice his opinion on 50 stating, "Ya'll respect the one who got shot??? I respect the shooter!!!." It's time.


At the height of the Murder Inc vs. G-Unit beef, Irv Gotti was the man in charge at Inc and was never one to hold his tongue. 50 Cent mocked Gotti when he was arrested for money laundering in 2005. Let's be friends.

Irv Gotti

The once-close friends became bitter enemies after the release of Game's debut album, The Documentary. They publicly bashed each other on radio and at shows, and their crews fought one another and threw diss songs back and forth. 50 has gone on record stating that G-Unit will never include Game again, but can't we all just get along?

game (1)

Since early 2009, Rick Ross and 50 Cent have been at each others throats. On this year's Mastermind, Ross threw a subtle jab at 50 on "Rich Is Gangsta." 50 responded by posting a picture on Instagram with Diddy, Ross and Steve Stoute, suggesting that they are gay.


50 Cent in 2010 dissed Diddy, saying his music "sucks" and reignited the feud again by calling out Puffy's recent single "Big Home." Add the Instagram photo Fif posted, and you can see why Diddy isn't a fan of the Queens native. However, these two moguls can make a hell of a lot more money together than alone.


50 Cent and Steve Stoute have a deep history of dislike and that beef came alive again in 2013. During a press run for the Tanning Of America mini-doc, Stoute excluded 50 from his list of influential artists during an interview with The Breakfast Club saying the Queens rap star hasn’t been relevant in a while. 50 Cent confronted Stoute during a Knicks game in March of this year. Don't you think it's time to be friends now?


50 Cent called out video model Sally Ferreira claiming that she attempted to portray him as her new boo, when in fact, they only shot a video together. Fif went to Instagram to vent on the matter, dubbing Sally a “Thirsty video b*tch.” Ferreira slapped 50 with a defamation suit seeking millions in damages. A good conversation can straighten out this miscommunication.

50Cent_ Sally_01

Who can forget 50 Cent calling Shyne’s Def Jam conference call? That resulted in Shyne recalling his first meeting with Fif in 1999. He claimed 50 kept security with him even before he had fame and said Curtis was the reason Irv Gotti and his brother were indicted by the FBI in 2004. Hopefully this can be water under the bridge.