50 Cent

Obviously, 50 Cent is a talented dude. He's a multi-platinum artist who relishes in the area of making money. That's what he knows. Apparently, 50 Cent also knows how to ice skate, too. In his interview with Big Boy on Power 106's Big Boy In The Neighborhood, 50 spoke on how he learned to ice skate during the making of Onyx's "React" video.

“It’s been a long time,” 50 Cent said. “It actually was the Onyx video. I had to learn for the video. I didn’t know why. I was like ‘What the—?’ I asked them to put me in the box. Like an actual [penalty box].”

50 Cent just released his new album Animal Ambition, this past Tuesday. In addition to that, he and G-Unit are officially back together after performing at Summer Jam, and are said to be releasing an album this coming November.

Check out 50 showcasing his ice skating prowess in Onyx's "React" video below.