After a brawl broke out during 50 Cent's set at Summer Jam, he seemed cool as can be. That's because he didn't see a thing according to him.

The leader of the reunited G-Unit, who stopped by Hot 97 to talk with Angie Martinez and DJ Enuff for his first post Summer Jam interview, says he missed the beatdown that happened a few feet behind him during his set.

"I didn't even see. I was performing," 50 explained in the interview. "People say everything. I look at Mediatakeout and see rumors and stuff like that, all these different things. I've seen so many things about me that weren't true but that wasn't nothing Ang."

He went on to explain that excitement of the show drew the large crowd on stage during his set. That's his story and he's sticking to it apparently. Watch the full interview below.

[Hot 97]