In a recent interview with Hartford Hot 93.7's DJ Jenny Boom Boom, 50 Cent opened up like a book about a plethora of topics like why he can't get down with former G-Unit member, Game, and why talking about his financial success over the years isn't a main focus for him anymore.

Although the Power co-producer was able to squash the beef with G-Unit members Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo and Young Buck; tension between 50 and Game continues to flourish. During the interview, 50 discussed his true issues with Game and why a reconciliation between the two isn't likely. “My issue with Game is I don’t know what happened with him, period. How can you have an assessment on someone who’s flip-flopped their entire career?” 50 Cent said. “He’s almost bipolar, if you watch it. The way he does things. He’s extremely emotional, then he’s extremely aggressive and does something else.”

50 also shed light on why he feels a lack of excitement when writing and rapping about all the money he's accumulated throughout his prominent career. “I think that the thing that gets in the way of my core audience, like my original fans, is the success itself. They go, ‘ah, he’s rich, he can’t rap like that.’ See, that’s funny because the guys that are rapping like they rich don’t have it,” 50 Cent said. “So the guys who don’t have the money are rapping like they have the money, but they’ve exhausted it so much that it’s not exciting for me to write it. It’s just because they’re inspired to have it. Meanwhile, when you actually make it, you look back at how far you’ve come. You’ll have an interest in writing things that you missed writing on that first project.”

Watch the entire interview below: