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slow slowbucks

Slowbucks is the most recent rapper to hear the wrath of 50 Cent. The former associate has found himself on 5o's wrong side after issues stemming from Summer Jam 2014.

During Slowbucks' press conference last week his legal team announced they would be investigating 50’s camp to find out his involvement in an on-stage debacle during G-Unit's reunion.

That apparently did not go over well with Fif who claims Slowbucks is a liar for accusing him of plotting to attack him and steal his gold chain. According to the rapper, Slowbucks is a "snitch."

That doesn't seem to bother Slow who told TMZ he is not intimidated by 5o or his crew.

"People know how I roll in the streets," said Slowbucks. He wants 50 to keep the chain.

Watch below as 50 Cent calls out Slowbucks.

Slowbucks has responded to 50 Cent with his own Instagram post. Pretty funny stuff. The caption read, "This n%a 50 aka 5-0 got some nerve?? Who shot me?You think it was Preme, Freeze or TahTah? (Lord 4 Give Me, 4 I've Sin, Over & Over Again Just 2 Stay On Top)."

[via TMZ]