Troy Ave has been calling a lot of rappers out lately, dubbing plenty of them weirdos. From radio interviews to up close and personal at the #XXLFreshmen14 shoot, Troy isn't shy about expressing his belief that many of today's rappers are not so ideal. Check out a gallery of rappers Troy Ave thinks are straight up weirdos.


"Trinidad just happened to find himself on the screen. He's a weirdo rapper and that's him. That's what you are. I didn't make that picture that's him," Troy Ave said in an interview following his Hot 97 Summer Jam performance.


“It was Big, Jay Z, now Troy Ave here after / But Kendrick Lamar's just a weirdo rapper," raps Troy Ave on a record titled "New York CIty."

Kendrick Lamar

“I don’t think everybody weirdos,” Troy Ave said on Power 105 after word spread of tension at the XXL Freshmen 2014 shoot. “It’s a few weirdos on there, but that don’t mean they can’t coexist. Like you can be a weirdo and still make good music. I got no problem with anybody. It’s rap music business. I don’t care about all that…I was chopping it up with mad people. It wasn’t like it was, ‘Troy Ave, I mess with you.’ ‘Yo, what’s up my G. Aight? I mess with you too.’ I ain’t used to being in that type of environment with a bunch of artists and stuff like that…XXL, man, I was not standoffish. I was doing my own thing.”


“Yeah, Kanye’s a weirdo. It’s a lot of rappers that’s weirdos…I like a lot of Kendrick Lamar’s records too. It’s a lot of weirdo rappers that’s out. It’s mad weirdo rappers. Y’all don’t understand it,” Troy Ave said in an interview with Hot 97.


"I said, 'Yo Money Nels, this the weirdo nigga right here,'" Troy Ave recalled saying to Chance The Rapper at the XXL Freshmen 2014 shoot on Power 105. "And he was like, 'Right here?' I ain't gonna call nobody something behind they back that I ain't gonna say to they face."