XXL Asks, What Would The Notorious B.I.G Look Like At 42?

[Ed. Note: This was originally published on February 6, 2012. In honor of Biggie's birthday today, we pondered what the Brooklyn legend would look like at 40?]

The Notorius B.I.G. would have turned 40 years old on May 21, 2012, and in  XXL’s March issue—honoring the deceased rap legend on the anniversary of the 15 years since he passed on March 9, 1997—XXL again enlisted famed artist, Tim O’Brien, to envision what Big would have looked like if he was still alive, as he did with Tupac Shakur.

The image is just one of the many interesting items included in XXL‘s special Biggie tribute issue. The XXL team spoke to some of those closest to Big for an in-depth look into his life and death. From his kids T’Yanna and Christopher “CJ” Wallace and their mother’s, Jan Jackson and Faith Evans, to his closest friends like members of Junior M.A.F.I.A. and others, many got their chance to share stories and more to pay homage to the beloved MC. Most even disclosed rare, never-before-published photos of Biggie from their personal collections, which are featured in this month’s issue. Since Big was one of the most swagger-jacked rappers of all time, there’s a list of the 100 best Biggie bites and much more.

Even though the issue is a Big tribute there’s much more in the mag to look forward to. It’s been 15 years since 1997, arguably the best year in hip-hop music, and XXL explores that very notion with a detailed essay. There’s also a look back at 2011’s rap music with a recap of the five best albums, mixtapes, verses, producers and singles of the year.

Check out XXLMag.com for an entire month’s-worth of Biggie-related stories that celebrate his life and death, extras from the issue, including outtakes, as well as everyday hip-hop news and much more, starting today. And be sure cop the special tribute issue when it hits stands tomorrow.—XXL Staff

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  • CaponeMOB

    The problem with this Biggie “40 yr Old image” is That nobody knows how Biggie was goin to look. plus in this “40 yr Old image” of Biggie that the Artist did Big looks like he’s 60 yrs Old,Not 40. For all we know Big might have looked the same,just look at Snoop Dogg. Plus he might have Lost weight to get healthy like Fat Joe. plus Fat Joe still looks like he did when he was rappin with Big Pun. SMH @ Artist

    • Augi

      CaponeE: What a stupid thing to say. Of course no one would actually know what he’d look like. This is just an artist conception on what he MIGHT look like.

      And Snoop doesn’t look the same as he did when he started off rappin on The Chronic at like 18 years old.

  • C.Carson

    Looks more like Bill Duke to me.

    • returnof4eva

      i was thinking the same thing…..lol

  • Rapmusic25

    If thats suppose to be Bigge at 40,yall are some disrespecting muthafuckas..lol.He looks like a grandfather who`s past 60 in that pic

  • Truth

    He would have been dead, probably died long ago from heart disease or some other ailment cause by being overweight. I think Big would have gone on to Big Pun numbers. Sorry he was HUGE for his age and height.

  • ETL

    Good rappers barely age

  • http://m/cemma-d-boogie EMMA-D-BOOGIE

    Not much difference to me.

  • Will

    Hope he would’ve lost weight

  • awjoefiwe

    @caponeMOB ur analyzing way too much, lets see u draw a better picture

    • CaponeMOB

      @ awjoefiwe im anylizing way too much? what i said is true,we dont know what he was goin to look like,plus AT the very least the artist should have drawn a more accurate image of a 40 yr old person,he looks past 60 in this pic,your fucking blind or what?

      but i know your probaly the Artist “Tim O’brien” using this screen name “awjoefiwe” LMAO! so now i cant criticize a drawing or painting,cuz i first gotta become an artist my self so i could show dumb fucks like you how to paint? so i guess when you dont like a rappers song,you go runnin to your Local studio and show them how its done huh? fuck outta here Tim O’brien you aint fooling nobody with that screen name.

      LMAO @ awjoefiwe

      • fuckyousmokin?

        what the fuck are you on? He doesnt look past 60, not even close. He looks a little older than 40 in that, maybe closer to mid to late 40′s but goddamn you’re a fuckin retard. 60 looks way old, that’s when you make the passage from middle aged lookin to old as fuck lookin nigga

  • Stylistic

    He probably wouldn’t have looked too differerent! I mean black folk don’t really age much anyway! (Nas, LL, Krs, to name a few!)

  • Nigel

    If u ask me biggy would of probly not of made forty because of 2 reasons people would of tried to kill him and secondly he probly would of died of drugs and other shit dnt get me wrong i love his music and i would of loved to met him but people just got to get that he might not of made it to forty