Author Cathy Scott believes the autopsy image of Tupac in Wyclef's new video is a little too real. So real in fact that she filed a complaint with YouTube and the clip has been pulled from the site. Scott alleges that the shot is actually an autopsy photo pulled from her book, "The Killing of Tupac Shakur."

Wyclef brought on new XXL Freshman Troy Ave for "April Showers", his anti-violence song and video. The visual features a morgue scene with various bodies on the examination table to help drive home the consequences of senseless violence.

Tupac impersonator Richard Garcia has stepped up to refute the claims. He spoke with TMZ and says that its him - after 8 hours in the makeup chair- on the mortician's table not the hip-hop icon.

No word yet on if the clip will be available on Youtube anytime soon.