Wiz Khalifa Jail

A recently freed, Wiz Khalifa, is currently under investigation for secretly taking a picture of himself from his jail cell to post on his twitter. Because photography is strictly permitted inside the jail, El Paso police are looking for answers as to how the Pittsburgh rapper was able to snap the picture in the first place.

According to TMZ, cops are looking to rule as lack of proper supervision or a fellow inmate facilitating the photo as the reasoning to how the act occurred. Without any regard for repercussions, Khalifa posted a picture of himself with a caption reading, "Jail selfie." and later a picture of the barred jail doors with a caption reading, "Free Trap Wiz." "Free Trap Wiz" quickly escalated in popularity on social media and was soon turned into a hashtag.

Known for being a proud smoker and supporter of marijuana, Khalifa was initially arrested on Sunday at a Texas airport after trying to bring a certain herbal substance on the plane. He was later released and charged with possessing 0.5 grams of weed.

Wiz Khalifa's jail selfie
Jail Selfie tweet
Wiz Khalifa's jail cell
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